When the first fire was created, I’d like to imagine that there were only 2 or 3 people busy figuring out what to do, and there’s the remaining population just watching what would happen.

And then there are people who wishes it would fail, so they could become happy.


It’s the same as telling the other person how he should breath in life. Like telling him there are rules in breathing.

The same applies in making art. For me art is anything from sculpting to sketching to making drawings out of mud.

For the artist, you shouldn’t care what…

But then, when my 1st born son came into this world, I instantly became the happiest teenager on this planet.

I learned how to be responsible at an early age. The feeling that there is your wife and your kid waiting for you after work is amazing.

I want to…

Jonatz Gullz

Seafarer and Father. Illustrator, Guitarist and Singer

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