starfighter does the right thing and destroys all of earth

i guess i’ve been acting better. i think it’s really just because i hate hurting my parents by acting so miserable. i don’t know. i’m really fucking sad. i miss it all so much. i just need that back.

i understand if that’s nothing you want. which is probably the case. sorry i wasn’t the one.


things hurt really bad. that omnipresent hope tears me apart. my body aches from the sadness. sleeping hurts, i see you in every dream; things make sense again, things matter again, we’re together again. sweet fucking dreams.

was that really the reason? or were you just sick of me? saw something better? did i do something terribly wrong? fuck.

it all really hurts. i just wish i knew what the situation really is.

do you never want to see me again?

is there someone else, should i just fuck off?

do you want to try again someday?

shut the fuck up, gus.

i’m so sorry.

i need to stop.

god, it all hurts.

i miss you so much.

i see you, you don’t so much as glance at me.

i miss you so much.

i’m really sorry.

please be happy.


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