the blade, the horror and the turncoat

oh god, what the fuck have i done? fuck. i never meant to hurt anyone.

i miss you so bad and i really need to hear your voice.

i really need someone to hold me.

i’m so scared.

she doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself into.

i love you and i really hope you know that.

something really weird is happening and maybe it’s just coincidence but for four nights in a row i’ve had the exact same dream about drowning and you’re there and although i haven’t been even remotely scared by a dream since i was very young, this one terrifies me and i don’t know why.

well, there was one dream that terrified me. back when we were still together, maybe i never told you, i can’t remember.

i’m really scared by everything that’s happening. i don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me or why i keep dreaming the same thing. it’s like something out of one of those cheap-scare paranormal movies and it’s fucking stupid but it’s really strange and i can’t explain it.

i miss you really badly. i need to hear your voice.

fuck, what have i done to her? anything? i don’t know. fuck.

god damn it i miss you.

all i ever wanted was to do things right.

i love you.