It has come to my attention that I enjoy thinking on a consistent, daily basis. In reality, I end up deeply thinking hourly, if not every other minute. I think in a matter that likes to question and observe all sorts of things within our daily lives. That being said, I also enjoy writing. In the past years leading up to the present, I liked the idea of writing but was always discouraged from doing it in my free time.

This was a result of previous teachers that often made me disgust and fear writing. I only wrote in school for the purpose of attaining a letter grade. My teachers may have never realized this, but most students (at least with the people I knew) only ever write for school. They never gain a true passion for writing that enables them to continue this wonderful, joyous skill outside of a classroom environment (or should I say “classroom mindset”). As a result, teachers (the ones I had) taught in way that allowed students to attain this letter grade. They might have not realized it, but they structured the class to focus on strictly academic matters such as getting the best letter grade and “how to prepare for college.”

The small portion (but most important) section of writing they never taught my classes and me was how to A. gain the passion to write for fun and B. how writing in one’s own time not only benefits one’s “writing/English” capabilities but also improves the mind to work. This mindset I believe one can attain from writing can help in the pursuit of other passions in life that are not English related.

Continuing my journey in writing, I noticed the first signs of enjoyment when I was forced to continually write ACT essay papers weekly during the summer before my senior year. The format of ACT papers required one to pick a side to the argument and fully support it with the best examples, resources, and logic based on the knowledge inside of one’s head. I am not quite sure why I enjoyed doing these because these types of papers are common in schooling. I can speculate by saying the weekly papers made me spend time to gather as much information in a short amount of time (the more news, books, resources, anecdotes one knew, the more repertoire one had to argue with). I began to think of it as a debate that people such as Socrates would engage in, and I loved that idea.

Shortly afterwards, I went on a dry period for writing. Not much was done outside of class. However, there were two moments within my writing career of senior year. The first was measly, but important for the confidence experience I received. The second was grand and very luxurious. The first was getting a 36 on my ACT essay portion (I think I got it both times I took it). This was the first time an “academic institution” of sorts showed me some appreciation for the words I was crafting on paper.

The second was when I quit lacrosse ¾ in the spring season of my senior year. After I quit, I immediately composed a “blog post” (really a google document) of the events that led up to me quitting, why I did it, what comes next, and the people I wanted to thank. I was decently well known within my community (and perhaps sometimes nationally) for being a very good lacrosse goalie (I personally found myself at the mean of goalies but my achievements throughout my life, especially junior year of high school say otherwise). As a result, I felt more incentive to write. I dropped this link to all the close people around me to clear things up. The links somehow eventually spread throughout my grade in school. Obviously, it was not something that every single person had. However, there were people I did not send it to that ended up reading it and giving me acknowledgement in person (or text).

These events combined with my online research of Mr. Elon Musk’s blog power (seriously though, he can release a single blog post and probably change the world) slowly gave me a more passion to write. I wanted / still want to gain this power of moving people within a blog or a blog post. Blogs are slowly fading away, but I will always value it more than vlogs or newer mediums. This is because blogs show the world through the eyes of someone’s internal thinking. There is something that talking, showing, and videoing will never reveal that only writing does.

I finally found the incentive to create my own today. The posts featured here will include most of my writing that I find worthwhile posting. There will also be occasional posts for academic writings that I enjoyed creating in school. The main blog postings will be a variety of sizes and thoughts. I will attempt to put in my observations, thoughts, and analysis of life. These will be strictly opinion based (obviously if it comes from my brain). I am never forcing my words upon anyone but simply here for people to enjoy (and ultimately gain a new perspective in life). I will try to format and keep my words grammatically correct. However, I will not (and refuse to) spend more than the time it took to write to edit the post because this is a blog. The thoughts provided are more important than the grammatical format I chose to display them in.

Lastly, it is inevitable that I write about something using ignorant information or incomplete research. I will try my best to avoid these posts but the human error within us all will inevitably show. Feedback on any part of the post will be much appreciated. For core data I will try my best to post citations but this is not a classroom research or English paper.

This is just “what it is” (said by a girl who came into the common room of my dorm building after a night at the bar).

System.out.println(“LILITH VI ORBIS”);

P.S. The medium I have chosen to use for these blogs is Medium. I will ultimately have a personal website in the future. Medium seems to be the best blog outlet for now. It does not have the best customization, but Medium claims to advertise to a more content heavy crowd rather than pure hype.