Playlist: Trip hop essentials

The Wild Bunch by Beezer

I love Trip hop! I’ve loved it ever since I first listened to it and didn’t even know what to call it, but what ever happened to it? It’s easy to quickly name Massive Attack, Tricky and Portishead when it comes to the most representative bands back in the 90s. But what happened after? I’ve always been on the lookout for the next Portishead but it seems like the genre took a turn for the background generic coffee shop music. I’ll take my Trip hop black, no sugar thank you!

The term “Trip hop” was coined in the early 90s by mixmag and it’s been used ever since despite the fact that the main contributors of the “Bristol sound” loathe the term. The sound evolved from the after club dance floors in Bristol with a “trippy” or psychadelic take on hip hop often with vocals rather than rap. Add to that a mix of dark, sexy, downtempo, gritty sounds for a blend that’ll keep you wanting more.

It’s insane, scary, trippy, very dope and the most exciting thing to happen to hip hop for years. -mixmag

But fast forward a few years and it seems like an arduos job to find something genuine. As someone who deeply enjoys the music, I find myself constantly rummaging through other people’s playlists, reading a bunch of music columns looking to find something I can relate to.

After ruling out Bonobo-like-music, chillout or ambient electronica (don’t get me wrong I just don’t think every downtempo sample-based acid-jazz song automatically makes for good ol’ Trip hop) I managed to put up a playlist that to me represents the genre starting from the late 80s till today including classics, covers and interesting new takes on it.

Is only natural to find songs mixed with other genres being that Trip hop is such a rich blend of styles, but hey! let’s not be purists here, beauty comes in different shapes and sizes.

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