Renew Your Brand: Hire A Designer Today

Read for 12 of the best tips on how to make your brand stand out from the rest!

I chose, Why Hiring a Graphic Designer is Essential to your Brand, as an example of a well, powerfully-written article. It beneficially addresses some of the many reasons why hiring a graphic designer to assist with branding is worth while (critical) for any company or business.

Large factors that contribute to the success of brands today are how they present themselves to the public, how they communicate their mission and how they maintain their brand. It can be hard for veteran companies and businesses to keep up with media presence and advertising, especially if they aren’t aware of their importance when starting out and competing with the fast-changing pace industry.

The writing in this article is powerful and effective in many ways. Initially, the bold headings grab attention and inform the reader exactly where in the article they can find the information they are looking for. The author’s positive and encouraging tone used throughout helps the reader stay open minded and ready to hear the argument. Within the first portion of the article the reader is taught the basics of branding. This thoughtful introduction presented helpful background information about finding a designer to help create or strengthen a brand’s image. The entire article has great readability and is well-suited for its audience because it breaks down concepts and simplifies each explanation. The background provided is very helpful and appeals to an audience not as knowledgable about the design industry. The reader is never left wondering, “Why should I care?” This question is frequently answered throughout with concrete and real world examples. The article follows up on every potential question a reader could have. This compels said reader to read until the end all the while giving straight-forward and thought-provoking advice with each sentence. To conclude the article, the author gives the reader the final “push” with a link to a match your company with a designer who fits well with your company.

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