An Open Letter to Sen. Bernie Sanders
David Brock

Knowing that you’re a mouthpiece for the Clintons, I can’t say I’m surprised that you feign impartiality while writing hit-pieces on Senator Sanders. I’d posit that your criticisms are actually more despicable than anything we’ve seen from the Sanders campaign to date.

Criticisms of a constituent’s choices do not amount to “unloading” on someone — as you so eloquently put it. You frame your argument as though Democrats are immune to bad decision making — and to challenge one another is treasonous and anti-democratic.

Sanders has made it quite clear (though I doubt you follow his campaign as closely as you’d have us believe) that while he may have fundamental disagreements with a given constituent, he can equally acknowledge and commend their accomplishments and service to this nation. Sander’s can (and does) claim to both ‘talk the talk’ and ‘walk the walk’ — Hillary has a tried-and-true record of the former, and not the latter.

Your writing — while rehearsed and deliberate — is little more than rhetoric with a healthy serving of bias. Most of your arguments hinge on interview quotes removed from context, and the rest are attempts to “play the victim” — something Hillary’s campaign has done for decades. The notion that Hillary is somehow being victimized though federal investigations, media criticism, or “political attacks” is overblown and overplayed. While some of that criticism is going to be unwarranted (or even fueled by republican interests) you speak as though Clinton hasn’t done anything objectionable in her storied career in public office — as though she has done nothing to deserve that scrutiny. From your perspective, any criticism of Hillary’s policy, voting record, or questionable decision making is unpatriotic— while attacking/criticizing Sander’s as a hypocrite is completely warranted. (Despite the fact that Sanders has been fighting for the same ideals for decades — his message hasn’t changed much — for better or worse.)

But I digress — you play the victim as long as it suits your narrative. Hillary (and by extension: you) rarely acknowledge culpability for actions or decisions warranting legitimate criticism and critique. You play the ‘he said/she said’ game so that you can distance yourself from scandal — but have a complete lack humility, honesty, or transparency in how you conduct yourselves.

You want nothing more than the ‘campaign finance’ issue to go away.

You want nothing more than the Goldman Sachs transcripts issue to go away.

You want nothing more than the missing and classified email scandal to go away.

I understand that you’re panicking and grasping at straws; I would too if my nationwide lead had eroded to a fraction of a percent.

You can keep playing the ‘distract the voter’ game — but now the people know the rules.

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