“Love” is a mixed media piece. It has three sheets of aged aluminum with my transferred photographic archivable pigment inks of our ‘Spray the Love’ fence artwork. The metal sheets are mounted to a reclaimed furniture wood box.

The overall dimensions of “Love” is 16.5 inches wide by 25.5 inches tall by 4 inches deep. This is the first of my “Wire and Wood” series. I’m intrigued by the interwoven relationship of trees (in all their forms) and metal (in all its forms) when they are engineered to work together. …

Wire and Wood; two families of materials found on opposite sides of the tracks, yet both co-existing and relying on one another for thousands of years. Where one begins being alive, the other ties the living together; protects the living, and advances the living.

Wood on metal, or metal on wood; that is my “Wire and Wood” goal.

This co-existence has been fueling my artistic vision. Not all of my pieces have ended up abiding by my limitations, however, they all have started with them as a foundation.

I wanted to create a depiction of this relationship at the first “Imaginarium Artcademy” hosted by Roland DGA in Irvine, California in January of 2017. …

Hiking with friends at South Lake Tahoe this past summer, we witnessed this amazing display of fortitude. An unnamed, enormous pine tree clutching around a Fiat-sized boulder. The grain of the granite, the texture of the bark, and the wrapping root like strong fingers amazed all of us. The vertical panoramic photo was the only way to capture the heroic tree.

In January of 2017, I was invited by Bonny Lhotka to attend the first Roland Imaginarium Artcademy in Irvine, California, along with a handful of other creatives. …

Completed digital painting from Photoshop

January 17–19, 2017 I was invited by Bonny Lhotka to the first ever, “Image Imaginarium” hosted by Roland DGA in Irvine, California. Along with a handful of talented artists, photographers, and print experts, we were each given an opportunity to create our own individual art pieces utilizing the wide range of printers offered by Roland. After three straight days of nearly non-stop file preparation, technical jargon, “what-if” conversations, and positive attitude, I walked away with a couple of suitcases of magic. This is the story of just one of the successes.

I have a long-time friend. He is a fireman…

My children are teenagers now, but when they were younger and introduced to the vast options of ice cream, it always entertained me, baffled me really, when they would select vanilla as their flavor. The shop would have 64,000 flavors to choose from and they would always select the plainest of the plain, vanilla. They would sample every color and texture under the rainbow, but nearly always settle for the familiar.

This past week I assisted with the “Tintype Take Out™ — Mobile 2 Metal™” booth at the acclaimed Adobe MAX conference in downtown Los Angeles, California. At our hands-on…

Jake Weien

Graphic & Media Designer • Consultant • Illustrator

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