Growth Valleys — Our Story and Our work!

Growth Valleys ranks among the foremost names when it comes to growth hacking companies in India. Growth Hacks as the name suggests operates to build growth for organizations but we strive to make growth a lo

ng sustainable one for our clients viz Startups and Established firms through various growth hacking tools and techniques, Data analysis and Performance metrics.

Beginning our journey from the Silicon Valley of India — aka Bengaluru (Bangalore), we have grown and spread our operations across geographies like Dubai, Mauritius, Malaysia and Philippines. It has been a rewarding journey offering our proficient growth hacking services to vivid industries like Technology startups, Healthcare, Ecommerce, Media, FMCG, Real Estate and allied verticals. Our backbone is our team which is a cohesive network of highly talented professionals and entrepreneurs in various spheres that help companies to carve a niche for themselves.

Our services can be bifurcated into 3 categories to suit the different stages of various organizations.

1. Early stage — Services where key focus is on user acquisition and user activation primarily to increase user base

2. Growth stage — Services where major focus is on user retention and revenue generation

3. Enterprise stage- Services where focus is on referral-existing users refer the product to people they know thus increasing new customer base

Our action plan involves testing and using various traditional digital marketing concepts like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, Data and Analytics, email marketing, social media marketing, Affiliate marketing, Paid advertisements, Lead generation, A/B testing, Campaign Management, Keyword research, long tail keywords etc in each stage to achieve desired results.

We love our work and so we do not believe in keeping our expertise a secret. Our Growth Hacking Academy is the sole purpose where we open this magic box and help professionals and beginners to learn and master growth hacking. This academy too brings together a panel of highly specialized and talented professionals who equip startups with the skills to become a successful global story. Our workshops are focused on imparting knowledge, implementation and application of growth hacking techniques, tools and strategies. Hands-on training is what we believe in and so we are always open to offer live project training.