A Constant Ponderer: A Glimpse Into the Mind of Another

I struggled with how to preface this post, so I decided not to say too much. I must have started writing these compatibility questions about six months ago over a solitary glass of wine; I would have been pondering friendships and relationships (yes, while alone, I see the irony too).

This concept- a compatibility quiz- is not meant to be taken too seriously. Most of the questions that I pose are aimed at determining mind-set or temperament as opposed to having an answer I consider “right” or “wrong.” For instance, in response to the first question about meeting a religious figure, there is no “wrong” answer. If someone would not care to meet any religious figure, then he/she is probably non-religious, which is fine. If someone would like to meet Mary Magdalene to get some behind-the-scenes scoop on the historical Jesus, then that too would be fine. For number eleven, concerning an ideal vacation spot, all answers would intrigue me and I would simply want to know why the choice was made.

Bottom line, I am by no means sharing this as some sort of definitive, compatibility survey. It’s alterable for everyone and is meant to inspire you to think, “what kind of questions would I write?” I view these questions as conversation-starters, and only a few might be considered “deal breakers”…

The Questions that Matter to Me:

  1. If you could meet one of the following religious/philosophical figures and engage him/her in conversation, you’d choose:

a. Laozi

b. Buddha

c. Muhammad

d. Mary Magdalene

e. No thank you, I’d rather not engage

2. When I’m bored, I tend to:

a. Watch something — anything — on TV

b. Start reading a new book

c. Call or e-mail a friend/family member

3. An ideal weekday evening includes:

a. Watching a lot of TV and/or surfing the web

b. Going to happy hour and then coming home to crash

c. Wining and dining with a homemade dinner

4. TRUE/FALSE: Having to wait in line at the grocery store, or at a coffee shop, always puts me in a bad mood.

5. TRUE/FALSE: I try not to accumulate too many unnecessary possessions.

6. If I could have a pet, I’d choose a:

a. Cat

b. Golden Retriever

c. Horse

7. When thinking of an ideal living space, these words come to mind:

a. Luxurious, spacious, expensive, new

b. Small, affordable, rustic, comfortable

8. TRUE/FALSE: I prefer hard-copy books, newspapers and letters compared to digital.

9. It’s Party Time. Your preferred game to play with friends would be:

a. Trivial Pursuit

b. Monopoly

c. Cards Against Humanity

d. Scrabble

10. TRUE/FALSE: You believe that individuals should have the right to marry whoever they please (a man OR a woman).

11. A dream vacation spot, to you, would be:

a. southern Thailand

b. Capri, Italy

c. NYC

d. Marrakesh, Morocco

12. How many drinks is TOO many drinks on a week night (assuming you have to work the next day)?

a. One

b. Two

c. Five

13. TRUE/FALSE: I consider myself a self-reflective person who can handle constructive criticism.

14. In your opinion, how many kids are TOO many kids?

a. One

b. Five

c. Three

15. TRUE/FALSE: Getting enough exercise is important to me.

16. It’s 4 pm on a Tuesday and a good friend invites you to dinner. You had planned on running errands and staying in. Do you…

a. accept the invitation — perhaps he/she needs to talk about something important and besides, errands can wait.

b. decline the invitation — once you have your mind set on an action, it’s hard to change your course unless absolutely necessary.

c. accept but modify to happy hour — you always try to accommodate others, especially good friends.

17. TRUE/FALSE: When a new version of your favorite smart phone comes out, you are in line to buy it regardless of whether or not you “need” it.

18. TRUE/FALSE: You believe you’re never too old to start a new hobby or learn a new skill.

19. When I die, I’d like my final farewell to be:

a. A formal, traditional funeral led by a member of an organized religion

b. A non-traditional memorial service led by family or friends

c. I don’t care either way, I’ll be dead!

20. TRUE/FALSE: You believe that the teaching of creationism or intelligent design has no place in the science classroom.

21. TRUE/FALSE: You have to have the “last word” in divisive discussions, no matter the topic.

22. Extra money, after paying the bills, is meant to be:

a. saved for a special purpose (like vacation or a special gift for yourself or a loved one)

b. hoarded — to be spent only during retirement

c. spent as soon as possible — YOLO!

23. TRUE/FALSE: Travel, no matter how far the destination, is an important part of my life.

24. Going for an hour-long walk, either alone or with a loved one, sounds:

a. boring

b. like more exercise than I care to get!

c. relaxing

Thanks for reading, as always.

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive — to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”
Marcus Aurelius