hy is creativity not allowed or possible in chemistry or biology? Some of the greatest advances in engineering have been because of creative thought.
It’s interesting to read a point-of-view opposite to the plethora of views ( including my own )…
Kenneth Ahlstrom

I thoroughly agree with this. I personally hope to see and continuation in the shift towards an understand that skills such as creativity, planning, collaboration etc need to be taught in schools.

In my opinion, a reverse of the system needs to happen. Currently we teach core subjects and pepper certain skills into the curriculum. A simple example would be a history class where students are asked to collaborate on a project. Instead, we ought to teach a collaboration class where students are asked to complete a history project.

This, I believe, would help students from an earlier age understand the value of these skills. Although a lot of wonderful teachers of course do teach these skills it is not the focus of the class. A lot of people argue that ‘kids learn best when they don’t even know they’re learning’. However, a large part of learning is about reflection on what happened. If it’s a history class, the kids reflect on what history they learned.

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