Standout article, Biggers.
Joel Smith

Haha, oh man, just like a Lakers fan, always gotta be about KOBE (pronounced k-ohb) somehow! But to get to what you’re kinda saying, I think if the Warriors win and Steph has even just one more good game (his game was elite enough to kinda help neutralize the negative effects of Game 2's duff), he’ll end up winning Finals MVP. It’s just how these things go. Don’t those Super Bowls where like Dexter Jackson and Deion Branch won Super Bowl MVP just feel weird.

But optics aside, I feel like Harrison Barnes has had two solid but super under the radar games and I feel like he’s got a little Kawhi 2013 in him for the rest of this series. The thinking goes if the Cavs keep on trapping hard on Curry and maybe even on Klay (esp. when Steph’s not on the court), the Warriors are going to need big offensive games from Barnes and Draymond Green somewhere over the next five potential games. If you’re watching, the Cavs are more or less daring the Warriors to beat them this way but I feel like Barnes has become so versatile and such a solid offensive player that I think he’ll be able to make the Cavs pay.

Why the temporary boycott of Grantland? Because of the Simmons stuff? Doesn’t one of your friends write for them?

Regardless, great to hear from you, Joel.

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