11 Effective Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Followers on Social Media

Sueli Mezz

Social Media is home to many entrepreneurs and marketers. Recent statistics shows that 80% of marketing efforts are done by leveraging the different social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more. Why wouldn’t they when social media is overwhelmed with 2.8 billion people from different walks of life, let alone influencers who are the best in their fields? You’re basically doomed when you don’t.

However, the social media’s popularity also has disadvantages. Perhaps the greatest is the fact that there’s a strict competition out there. Not that marketers take one follower from the other. They don’t need to do that! The competition lies in advertising your content. With so many engaging contents posted every day, you’ve got to create an equally, if not, more compelling ones. We want to lend a helping hand, and so we give you 11 effective tips and tricks to boost your followers on the different social media platforms.

Tip #1: Post Engaging and Relevant Contents

Now, the first tip is not a trick but is simply a reality of life. From texts, pictures, infographics, testimonials, quotes, hashtags to virtually any part of your posts should altogether pique the interest of your target audience. Remember that more than anything, the relevant and helpful information is what builds their trust. Your established relationship is what will keep and eventually cause them to share your posts. Tap into your audience’s needs or wants and skyrocket the number of your followers!

Tip #2: Keep Your Posts Visually Attractive

Ever wondered why Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat are image-based social media? You got it! Because images get more engagements. It goes to show that many social media users are visual-creatures. Repeatedly posting long text-based content is boring. No matter how good the content is, it probably won’t sell as much as posts with featured images.

Tip #3: Use Appropriate Hashtags

Hashtags are a fun and creative way to gather viewers. But you don’t just ‘hashtag’ everything that comes to mind. Irrelevant hashtags can only ruin your reputation. You have to be strategic with them to get optimum benefits.

Experts believe that hashtags should be no more than five in a single post. They should also be descriptive in nature. A two-worded hashtag like #exquisitecuisine or #historicaltemple provides a better description of your posts. But remember to make them unique so that viewers will actually see your tags. You don’t want them to be one of the million hashtags already created.

Tip #4: Maximize Emojis

Another great ‘visual’ strategy to boost followers is to use the right emojis. It’s a form of communication that’s been around since the glory days of texting and has been proven effective in time.

A single emoji can convey a word or even an entire sentence. Occasionally replacing words with emojis will undoubtedly give a more interesting touch to your posts. However, there is also a danger to overusing emojis. Keep them to a minimum of one per sentence, and you’ll do good in your posts.

Tip #5: Be Consistent in Posting

To catch more fish, you have to repeatedly cast your line and wait quietly. In the same way, to create engagements, you have to post contents constantly and see which ones make your viewers happy.

Posting once or twice per day gives you a better chance to boost followers than posting once every week. It also allows you to experiment with your ideas. When there is a shortage of content, you can always ask permission to share somebody else’s highly-engaging content. But do not be mistaken! Over-posting is a deadly habit. Ten daily posts are considered maximum for at least a million followers. Do the math and adjust the numbers to yours.

Tip #6: Engage with Users

Social media marketing is more than just a business; it’s creating relationships. You have to work for these relationships to grow, and you do that by communicating with your viewers. Reply to their comments or ask them a question in return. This way you can test the waters and learn how to nurture your engagements better. You can even hop to other accounts and leave interesting posts. Doing this could encourage their viewers to check out yours too!

Tip #7: Create A Posting Schedule

The next one in this tips and tricks list is quite basic but is nevertheless the most overlooked aspect. The idea is simple: identify the peak hours from when your target audience is most active. Plot them out and make a regular posting schedule. The different social media platforms or third-party tools can help you estimate these hours, but it’s really just a matter of experimenting.

Tip #8: Customize Posts by Platform

They may belong to a single umbrella, but different social media platforms specialize in specific target audiences. For instance, you may find more business-focused engagements in LinkedIn while more youth engagements in Tumblr. As much as possible concentrate on the platform where you’ll likely to have the most engagements. Don’t be desperate and dump all your contents across all social media channels!

Being able to target your audience at a granular level is not only going to save you time, but also some dime when you opt to buy followers and likes as an option.

Tip #9: Pay for Guaranteed Visibility

If you hope to reach your target market faster and in a guaranteed way, you can just go ahead and buy followers and likes. This method involves paying influencers who have a large account to promote your own. It is done by them posting your videos or pictures with your contact details. Now, this may sound like a desperate measure, but it really is not. You may have a good content and just needs to get a hold of that specific audience.

Tip #10: Join Communities

One of the greatest tips and tricks social media marketers need to leverage are the social media communities. These communities communicate and promote one another’s contents to their common targeted audience. It has become so effective that millions of communities already exist in each social media channel. This could also help you out. As they say, there is strength in numbers.

Tip #11: Be Passionate About What You Do

In any field of work, the successful ones are always those with a strong passion for what they do. It is no different in social media marketing. Posts are more engaging when you’re working with a niche. What are you passionate about? It is cakes and pastries, pet dogs, or travel? Identify that desire and go all out on that topic. If you want to satisfy that appetite badly, you may not even need to buy followers and likes. Go forth and hit that target!


Social media channels are some of the best platforms to promote your content. Nowadays, it is rather unusual, even incomprehensible, for businesses to thrive without having accounts on these platforms. But just like any other businesses effort, there is no simple way in. To be successful in social media, you have to boost your engagements, and there is a multitude of ways to do that.

The eleven tips and tricks listed in here have been proven effective time and time again. There is just one more thing missing: put them to practice. Learn for yourself, and you’ll be amazed at the power of social media.


Sueli Mezz is a proficient content writer at BuyRealMarketing. She helps in Business and professional’s use of social media marketing to boost their visibilty, attract customers and increase their revenue.

Sueli Mezz

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