What is Your Brand’s Reach?

Nature always shows us the direction. Look at the picture; a huge waterfall. the water is jumping from a high mountain peak into a valley and is moving forward without stopping there. The water seems to go to places wherever the flow takes it. This way, it will travel thousands of miles before it gets merged into the big sea. However on its way, before its merger, it gains different identities, called by various names, serves distinct people residing in diversified geographies; finally, leading a life worth its travel and all the way gaining name and fame that stays in the minds of people and their histories forever.

Ever thought about what is the reach of your brand? How many people know about it and vouch for it irrespective of geographies, languages, color, creed, etc.? Earlier days, companies don’t have a chance to reach millions and billions simply sitting in their headquarters. But now, social media is providing that sort of precious channel which when utilized properly helps to increase your brand’s reach, which in turn increases your business scope.

Wanna try it?

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Originally published at www.bebee.com.