How to start your GMAT Preparation?

Your GMAT score is very important while applying to B-schools, but to get the scores you want, you’ll have to work very hard and give in a good amount of time into preparation. There are tons of GMAT preparation course available out there, some of them are great, while the others aren’t. If you choose low-quality prep resources it will lead you to study the wrong materials and feel unprepared on the actual test day, which can cost you your desired score. High-quality preparation course is the key to doing well on the GMAT tests.

Before starting your GMAT preparation choosing the best course is very important. While choosing the GMAT preparation course, what you should be looking for, is the most professional, thorough and accessible GMAT preparation course available. There are two kinds of courses for you to select from. You can easily take the classic and general approach and check out your local GMAT prep class. Or you can take the modern approach that is through digitalization and join any trustworthy online GMAT preparation course because usually GMAT online preparation is free. Knowing the proper and the best way to prepare for GMAT makes the real difference between a brilliant score and a mediocre one. This is the reason why; it is important that aspiring Business school candidates show some decision making skills while choosing the best GMAT preparation course.

Another very important point about GMAT is how to start your preparation as that will also determine how much you will score in your actual GMAT test. Here are some tips how to start your preparation:

Know the Format — You must use this prep time to become as familiar as possible with the format of the GMAT test. Knowing the pattern is the best way to reduce stress as you will not face a difficult and surprised situation when you start taking your test. Being familiar with the type of questions in each section and what each question type ask of you is very important while deciding on strategies in tackling each kind of question.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses — Once you take that first practice test, you will notice your error patterns. You will also notice your weakest section and within that section, what types of question did you struggle most with? To accurately analyze or know your weaknesses you must read the answer explanations for the questions that you struggled with on your diagnostic test. After you have figured out where you went wrong organize your GMAT preparation around your weakest points and schedule accordingly.

Brush up your fundamentals — Once you have taken your first practice test you get a clear idea of where you lack the most, that is where you should start your preparation from. You must start off by brushing up your fundamentals in that section. If you are weak in the mathematics section and you think that you need to re learn the basics of algebra, statistics or probability then you must do that first. As brushing up your fundamentals can help you attain a good score later on. Using practice questions to familiarizing yourself with the format of the exam is important, but using it in building your underlying skills is a necessity.

Adjust your study plan according to your need — Once you have taken your weaknesses into account, you must adjust your study plan to reflect them. For instance, if you notice you’re having trouble with timing, time yourself in a way where you set a goal to finish a certain number of questions in a given time limit, keep lowering the time limit as you get closer to your exam date. Stay put to your original study plan, but make sure you update or adjust your plan based on your progress as you continue.

The way you prepare is very crucial as it suggests how well you will be prepared till your exam date. Always remember it will also determine your GMAT score. So, preparing in a proper and best way with the best resources is very important if you want to achieve your target score. There are many GMAT classes around India but if you want to study on your own terms and at a minimal cost it is always better to opt for GMAT online coaching in India.