All Hail, #Hashtag!

The symbol formally known as ‘pound’ has taken a new name and emerged with a brand new attitude! The #hashtag, typically associated with all things social media has changed the way people search, purchase, party, and even date.

Most commonly associated with social networking sites, such as Twitter and Instagram, #hashtags are now being found as props at weddings, parties, company retreats, and sporting events.

Today, the #hashtag can only drive business to your company, simply placing the “#” symbol in front of your desired phrase, consumers are directed to the most current phrase thrown into the World Wide Web! Success these days is contingent upon numbers and traffic, seemingly so, the heart of business, customer service, may seem lost at times; fret not though, the #hashtag is here to save the day! The #hashtag not only assists with your search engine optimization but gives your customers a key to inclusion.

Catch phrases exclusive to your brand/company along with photos (because there’s always time for a picture to be posted) allow your customers the opportunity to not only make their time with you an experience but again, brings awareness to your business!