Interesting Things — 6th June

Whats new in Swift 3.0

Upcoming changes to Swift 3, amongst other things conciser method naming and sorting out that first parameter naming convention in methods which always felt a bit odd. Like the updates to the C style methods/structures such as CGContext*.

Great talk from Jaimee Newberry from CocoaLove conference, “remove the excuses”, and what inspired me to write more. The other talks/speakers from this conference look awesome, i’ll be coming back to this feed for more.

Controlling Complexity in Swift

This one I’ve had queued up to watch for a while, insightful talk by Andy, and for me a lot more insight into the usefulness of value types beyond what I’ve read in DDD and recently on other Swift related blogs. Something i can definitely take more advantage of and a talk to re-watch a few times and prototype with. The Swift drawing example and comparison to UITouch is really useful.

Towards the latter part of the talk Andy brings it all together with a discussion on layers within your app which resonated really closely to me after one of my recent projects applying Gary Bernhardt’s “Destroy All Software” approach (referenced in the talk) to isolating your Rails app from Rails itself. I found it worked out really well in many dimensions (code isolation, testing, reuse, malleability, etc).

Great post talk Q&A as well — and a really smart crowd!

Struct Semantics in Swift / Undo History in Swift

More on the subject of Swift and value types — some great posts by Chris Eidhof covering value type copy vs reference semantics, and an undo manager example following the Dynamic Swift discussions that have been blogged about recently.

As a dynamic language fan i’m interested in Swifts dynamic future as well, ultimately I feel like we’re in an interim phase with Swift/Objective-C at the moment — there’s a vision the Swift team is working towards and I trust its going to be everything we’re hoping for.

Table View Controllers in Swift, with Chris Eidhof

More Chris Eidhof awesomeness, covering a table view controller in Swift, and some interesting approaches to extracting the configuration and reusability of the controller. Also another good demo of structs and value types in action as data within the table view controller, and also as a configuration structure for an initialiser.

Bitcoin News for the week of 5/30/16

Latest news regarding Bitcoin and Blockchain — very interesting to read and see the adoption of digital currencies, and also the excitement of their use in the finance industry.

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