$CFT token roadmap

Member tiers

We have designed a tier system that will be applied to many $CFT features, the goal of different member tiers is to reward long-term and committed holders. We also plan to bring some gamification aspect to the marketplace through this design.

  • Bronze requirement: 0 $CFT
  • Silver requirement: 50,000 $CFT
  • Gold requirement: 100,000 $CFT
  • Platinum requirement: 250,000 $CFT
  • Diamond requirement: 500,000 $CFT

Fees sharing

This is arguably the most anticipated feature of the Craft marketplace. “Fees sharing” refers to platform service fees (2.5%), of which we will allocate a portion to $CFT stakers. This effectively makes $CFT owners and stakers to own a piece of the platform and earn its operation revenue.

  • Unstaking period for staked $CFT: 48 hours
  • DAO earnings ratio: 50%
  • Silver stake bonus: 5%
  • Gold stake bonus: 9%
  • Platinum stake bonus: 12%
  • Diamond stake bonus: 15%


The $CFT token will grant you governance power in the Craft ecosystem, you will be able to vote for any Craft governance proposal.



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