How to earn additional $CFT by staking your Balanced CFT/sICX LP tokens?

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3 min readSep 30, 2021


Explanation of the CFT/sICX LP tokens

(A tutorial is present at the end of this article to explain to you the different actions to get LP token on Craft.)

The CFT/sICX LP tokens represent the share of the Balanced liquidity pool that is used to allow trading of CFT tokens on the ICON Blockchain.

You can supply liquidity to the Balanced CFT/sICX pair on Balanced to get LP tokens and stake it. The rewards will be distributed weekly and will be calculated based on daily snapshots.

10% of the $CFT supply (21M CFT) is dedicated to rewarding the LP tokens staked on Craft. It means that you earn rewards from both this staking pool and the fees earned by the CFT/sICX pool.

The LP Tokens have a lock-up period of 1 day upon deposit, once this period is over, you’ll be able to instantly unlock your LP tokens.

How to get CFT/sICX tokens?

Here is our tutorial which will allow you to buy CFT and sICX to get LP Token:

Step 1: Buy sICX & CFT on Balanced

Step 2: Convert sICX & CFT to LP token

Step 3: Deposit LP token on the network

Click on “Supply”
Send these 2 transactions
Send these 2 transactions
Click on “Supplying” and confirm.

Step 4: Stake your LP token on

Click on “stake .. LP token”

That’s it! Your LP are staked and you’ll be able to claim weekly rewards on the $CFT page 🎉



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