How to link your $CFT tier to your Discord account

Craft Network
2 min readFeb 3, 2022

We’re glad to unveil our new Discord bot allowing you to link your $CFT tier to your Discord account. This will allow you to gain access to DAO members channel and gain exclusive roles. We’ll detail in this article the steps to link your $CFT tier to your Discord account!

Step 1:

Find the “$CFT bot” bot in the Craft discord channel. You can click on it and send him a PM to open the PM tab.

Step 2:

Type “/link” to start the link command preset, press “Enter” and then paste your ICON address when you see the “address:” box. Then, send the message. If an error occurs at this step, make sure you enabled “Bot messages” and “Bot commands” in your Discord profile

Step 3:

The bot will then reply with a 12 character code. Copy it and then browse to the page. You can paste the code in the text field and hit “Link”. You’ll need to sign a message to prove the ownership of your account.

Once the signature process is finished, that’s it! Your account is linked and you should gain access to new roles and channels in the Discord channel.