6 Sewing Techniques Every Beginner Seamstress Should Know

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Oct 8, 2018 · 5 min read
Top 6 Sewing Techniques Every Beginner Seamstress Should Know

No matter if you are newbie seamstress or you are an old professional, there must be few things in which we all want to turn ourselves into the pro.

Techniques play an important role when it comes to improving ourselves from time to time. With tons of excitement, you must know several hacks to make the work easier and much more fun.

Here we are with the best techniques everyone from beginner to pro needs to know about. These tricks are just not going to help you in completing the work faster but it will help you in enjoying your work too.

We should always focus on learning all the time instead of thinking we know everything and now we are a pro. Learning is just going to make everything much better as well as will make you master of the skills.

Let’s go through the few master techniques of sewing for the beginners.

1. Zig Zag Stitches

Zigzag stitches look beautiful when you are preparing something fancy and you want to add some customized look to the dress.

Before you jump to the pro sewing machine, start sewing this pattern from the best basic sewing machine for beginners and can have more guide about the sewing machine at https://www.scoop.it/topic/best-sewing-machine-for-beginners-basic-sewing-machine-review.

Zig zag stitch

Always make sure you are using right needle and right thread according to the fabric. Zig Zag stitches are amazing in hiding the broken stitches.

If you are unable to sew the straight line or there is some problem in the stitching then change the stitching from straight to zigzag line.

2. Seams Finishing

Usually, on the inner side of the fabric, you may see visible seams. What we should really do to clean the seams so the dress can look clean from the other side too?

With the help of sharp pinking shears make sure you are cutting the long strip from the fabric. Use that fabric on the visible seams. Stitch it cleanly.

Seam finishing techniques

You can change the look of every dress from the inside by attaching colorful or same color strips of the fabric which may look like you have stitched the dress in this way.

In case if someone is watching your sewing then definitely they can’t resist themselves complimenting your amazing and creative skills.

3. Applique:

The basic applique technique is to sew a small piece of clothing on another one to create some pattern or decoration design on the fabric.

Applique can be done by hand or machine but if you are sewing everything in your home then you should use the best sewing machine for home use for the proper applique.

Appliqué using a home sewing machine

With the help of a machine, you can sew the raw edges of the fabric covered in a decorative stitching. These are small techniques which add detailing in your work. You can add the piece of clothing with the help of glue as well.

Take help from the link What Is the Best Sewing Machine for Home Use — Top Home Sewing Machines To Buy to know more about the best home sewing machine available today.

4. Zipper

Newbies are quite afraid of zipper sewing in their early days because it’s little tricky. When you are using the right kind of tools then there is nothing to be worried about.

When you are attaching a zipper to any fabric always check the working of it after every stitch to make sure if the zipper is working properly or not? Always fold the sides of the clothing to avoid any blunder.

Sewing zipper is an important technique beginners should learn

You can use a number of zippers in your projects from simple to the fancy one but at the practice stage, it would be great to start with the basic one.

The best technique to sew the zipper for the beginners is to attach it from the back side. It would be great if you will mark the sides of the zipper and stitch it point to point.

5. Understitching:

When you are sewing a strap shirt then you may use under stitching to stitch the straps to the shirt in a way which may not look ugly.

For this purpose you should first cut the right kind of straps for the shirt by measuring your shoulders and how much you want your shirt deep? For the under stitching keep the right sides together and stitch them.


Now the technique part is ironing. If you are not going to iron the right side of the seam then it will never give you the shape. Iron the part in a way that there must be a crease on the shirt and stitching should be settled properly.

Instead of going with the long stitches, use small stitches to sew so the designing can settle down easily and you don’t have to spend much time in ironing.

6. Velvet Fabric

Velvet is never easy to sew and especially for the beginners. Start your velvet project from the machine instead of sewing it from the hand.

You can sew velvet using a basic sewing machine for beginners

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on the big machine when you can easily sew the fabric with a best affordable sewing machine for beginners. You can have more help regarding machines at https://www.flickr.com/people/bestsewingmachineforbeginners.

The only technique which will help you in taking control over the velvet fabric is only finger pressing on the sides. With each stitch, if you will keep pressing the sides with your fingers then definitely you will get over it.

Don’t be too hard ironing on the velvet as the appearance will get dull. Always flip the fabric when you are ironing on the velvet.


Techniques are not a shortcut to make your work easier but these are tricks to help you in making work simpler. These techniques are useful for the newbies who are still learning the basics of the stitching. Someday soon you will be a Pro of stitching but these basic tricks are going to help you always in your stitching work.

Always see your work as a blessing and fun thing and try to use different things during practice because that’s what going to make you a master.

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