The Famous Indian Handicraft Industry: Know More about It

A country rich in traditions, history, and culture, India is one of the world’s major producers and suppliers of handicrafts. The Indian handicraft industry is highly labor intensive, and unlike other Asian countries, it is cottage based and decentralized. Most of the arts and crafts from India are made by artisans in small communities and villages in the country. According to reports, the Indian handicraft industry provides employment to more than six million artisans, most of them are women. You help in improving the local economy whenever you buy such products.

In 1998 to 1999, over US$1.2 billion were earned from exporting Indian handicrafts. Today, thanks to e-commerce, this figure has swelled to US$4.5 billion. Major destinations for handicrafts from India include the US, the UK, Switzerland, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, and Saudi Arabia. India has very few competitors when it comes to handicrafts as most products are handmade, which is increasingly becoming rare in the 21st century.

Some of the handicrafts that come from India include Hindu God idols, wooden articles, glass, Jaipur quilts, wooden and iron furniture, printed textiles, and lace. Indian handicrafts can be divided into two general categories: articles for everyday use and decorative items. Most of the handicrafts made by artisans are symbolic of Indian culture, religion, and tradition. Thanks to the popularity of certain facets of Indian culture — most notably yoga — more Western consumers are appreciating Indian handicrafts.

You can expect handmade products from India to be highly unique as they are made by individual artisans instead of factories. Some of the most popular products from India include clay, jewelry, metal, woodwork, stone craft, ceramic, and glass. Consumers will find a wealth of statues made from brass, wood, and stone shaped in the form of Indian gods and goddesses as well as animals like elephants. Functional and decorative handicraft pieces include wall clocks, book ends, bowls, candle holders, daggers, and jewelry.

Thanks to social media and more entrepreneurs in India having access to the internet, Indian handicrafts have become more accessible to consumers. If you are looking for authentic and high-quality Indian handicraft, make sure to choose the right seller. Check if they source products directly from India. To ensure the quality of products, the best online sellers offer a 100% money back guarantee.

About the Author:

This article is written by Krishna Kumar Bansal, owner of CraftVatika. CraftVatika is an online store for authentic Indian handicraft and other Indian products like clothing and jewellery. All of our products are handmade by the expert artisans from across India. We sell jewellery made up of silver and stone, marble decoration item, Indian gifts, brass statues, sculptures and other Indian handicraft.

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