Good day, I am here again to share my experience at Andela Boot-camp, if I could put a smiley icon on this blog, I would have communicated my expression better. I think I would have chosen a smiling icon with a stress expression.

Bootcamp can be stressful, can you imagine in less than 24 hours, I had to learn three major topics (ORM sequelize, DB postgresql and HTTP RestApi) and I had to implement it in the Bootcamp project “More Recipes”.

I had to use a lot of online tutorial and video to make my learning faster, I also study some documentation to make me understand better. Like their saying “Google is your best friend in Andela”, I concur with that.

You cannot but love bootcamp because every minute and every hour, you have added in knowledge, from Bootcamp’s Project, my fellow Boot-campers and our facilitators. Like I thought I know everything about version control “GitHub” until when my LFA explain the usage of Pull Request, I was wow.

There are only few words to buttress my view of the Boot-camp, Learning and Commitment. You cannot learn without putting a lot of scarifies and commitment into it that is what I have learnt from Andela in these few days.

Thanks You

Abimbola Olaitan

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