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Nick Butcher
Mar 10, 2017 · 2 min read

I saw this today:

We do… I’m on it! I wanted to expand on who we are, what we do and what we can help with so decided to jot down a few words for anyone interested.

We’re a small team in Google Design (working closely with Google Developers) here to help designers outside of Google. We do that in a number of ways.

Design support

Our team can help you to design amazing experiences across platforms. If you’re trying to understand or apply Material Design, want to design a Progressive Web App or to get your head around designing for Android then we can help. We can answer questions or even perform design reviews.

Mustafa on our team focuses on the Web and I focus on Android.

Design sprints

A sprint we recently ran with Memrise

We’re big fans of the Design Sprint methodology and we can help you to understand and customize it to work for you. We use sprints extensively when working with designers to deep-dive on problems and test solutions.

Kai and Dylin are the zen-masters of design sprints.

Design resources

We also create content and resources on design best practices; sharing it at conferences, through blogs and in workshops. For example I make an app that demonstrates using Material Design on Android, and share what I learn in the process.

We’re a small team (but growing!) If the above sounds interesting or relevant to you and you’d like to get in touch then you can reach out to us individually or contact If there’s something else that we can help with… then let us know!

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