Learn Some New Moves

I recently presented at 360|AnDev with Doris Liu (from the Android Framework team) on the latest and greatest animation techniques available to Android app makers. The recording of this talk was just published on YouTube:


The slides from this talk are also available here:

It’s a Google Photos album as it contains a lot of motion. If you hit the ℹ️ icon on any slide you’ll find notes/links in the description.


If that’s still tl for you then here’s an outline with links to the relevant sections of the video or slides; click the 🎥 or 🖼 respectively.

  • Intro, why motion is important to making great apps.
  • 🎥 🖼 A lightning tour of VectorDrawable
  • 🎥 🖼 AnimatedVectorDrawable capabilities
  • 🎥 🖼 Path morphing tools and techniques
  • 🎥 🖼 Recent optimizations to AnimatedVectorDrawable
  • 🎥 🖼 A look at Lottie
  • 🎥 🖼 Simple animations with ConstraintLayout + TransitionManager
  • 🎥 🖼 Physics based animations
  • 🎥 🖼 Fling animations
  • 🎥 🖼 Spring animations
  • 🎥 🖼 Spring your fling
  • 🎥 🖼 Take-aways and resources


The fine folks at realm who recorded the talk have also released a transcript.