6 months in Somemore

Tuesday. The end of our first week

Talofa! These musicians greeted us as we waited for customs and immigration. They were quite melliflous for 5:00am. Weather has been just nice. Samoans think it’s pretty cool weather so it has been a great acclimatiser for us: quite a bit of rain, cloud cover and cool breezes. Our hotel is straight on Apia Harbour so we do get a lovely sea breeze from our balcony.

Activities this week included successful house hunting, picking up the pre-purchased car after obtaining a driving license, insurance and changing registration over. Getting mobile phones and internet at home. Changing money, getting car serviced, paying rent and bond on accommodation, trying and buying K’s ceremonial dress, having language lessons every morning, then attending sessions on Disaster Management, Water Safety, Cultural Heritage etcetera, etcetera, I was lucky to be able to miss out on Child Protection, Sexual Harassment sessions and a meeting with the Australian High Commissioner where Kevin wore this little number:

The lava lava looks pretty weird with shoes, so brown thongs went well today. He is saving the black thongs for formal wear.

The weekend we spent in a more leisurely fashion, we watched the Samoan Open Golf Tournament, following the winner from last year, mainly because he was the favourite to win this year and because he donated his winnings last year ($50K) back to Samoa for Coastal conservation. He won again this year but it’s all so low key. No Samoans we spoke to knew about the event or the donation from last year. We also went for a drive. Keep this to yourself as we did not inform the ICM as we are meant to do. We drove along the north east coast and down to Lalomanu on the south coast where we ate lunch. Grilled fish is a pretty standard choice — avoid the fries. Kendall and I stayed there in 2009 pre tsunami and much had changed.

photo is taken from the resort Litia Sini which had been rebuilt after tsunami.

So, as you see, we are getting settled. We move from the Hotel on Thursday to Moto’otua which is 5 mins from Apia (ar-pee-u) township. We are doing lots of phonetic spelling trying to learn this language. I need about 300 more hours to catch onto it, I feel.

Tofa soifua.

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