Even before the coronavirus pandemic, mental health was a growing challenge across North America. Over six million American children under the age of 18 have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression. This was before the isolating effects of physical distancing and the trauma of loss due to COVID-19.

A family doing an activity at home
For parents worried about their children’s well-being, a surprisingly effective tonic is giving back.

The pressure…

Any founder will tell you that one of the biggest challenges is holding on to the mission-driven culture that drew people to you in the first place.

Bi-annually, we arrange a staff trip to visit our partner communities in one of the countries where our charity works around the world.

When friends and I started our charity 25 years ago, we didn’t set out to build an international movement. We were just kids — a group of 12-year-olds who had banded together to help fight child labor. …

18 years ago, a young immigrant from Gaza joined our fledgling charity and made an indelible impact.

Hosting a citizenship ceremony at our organization’s headquarters was a truly full circle moment for Dalal Al-Waheidi.

My friend Dalal is no stranger to public speaking. As the Executive Director of WE Charity, Dalal Al-Waheidi finds herself speaking everywhere from university campuses to the organization’s board meetings — it’s all part of the job. Still, at a small event at our offices in January, I swear I…

If you find yourself dwelling on the bad stuff, here’s an easy habit from mental health experts that could help.

If you find yourself dwelling on negative thoughts, mindfulness can help — but it doesn’t always have to look like this | Image source

Do you ever notice how it’s always the bad memories that stick with you? Try this: picture a warm, happy memory from your childhood. Now try reaching back for a bad one — something embarrassing or frightening or unpleasant. I bet that one feels more vivid, doesn’t it? …

These heartwarming NFL moments happened long before kickoff.

Youth from Miami’s Overtown community gathered to pack 300 care kits for a local homeless shelter as part of the NFL and WE’s Huddle for Good program.

With the Chiefs and the 49ers facing off on Sunday, this year’s Super Bowl has no shortage of excitement in store. Will Patrick Mahomes lead Kansas City to its first Super Bowl victory in half a century? Or will the 49ers cap off one of the biggest turnarounds in sports…

My advice to anyone who wants to start a charity? Don’t do it.

When friends and I started a charity 25 years ago, all we had was a fax machine, a Commodore 64 computer and a dozen kids around a kitchen table. At the time, it was much more difficult to look up a charity to join, so we started our own.

As a non-profit founder, people often ask me about starting a charity. Do you have any tips? How do you get started? I always give the same advice: “don’t.”

That might sound harsh, but allow me to explain.

Early on in our development work in rural Kenya, we revitalized a…

Delivering positive social change today means seizing every opportunity afforded by emerging technology. Here’s how we used tech to scale our impact.

We started WE Charity in 1995 with one phone line, a fax machine, and a Commodore 64 computer. That was high-tech to us, given we were just a bunch of teenagers who wanted to make a difference, having organized ourselves in my parents’ living room around a shared passion to…

Start your new year off right with a few acts to make the world a better place.

Local charities often get more than enough volunteers over the holidays but could use an extra hand in January when volunteering is less popular. | Image source

The holidays are over, but ’tis the season once more — for New Year’s resolutions. For many of us, it’s time to make promises to ourselves about eating healthier, managing our finances better, learning a new language or going full Marie Kondo on those cluttered closets.

That said, traditional resolutions…

Annual giving can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

This season is the perfect time to think about what matters to you, and the impact you want to make on the lives of others. | Image source

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — but no, I’m not talking about the holidays. It’s giving season! Many of us make annual donations at the year’s end, a time to reflect on how to make a difference with your charitable dollars.

After decades spent working in the…

Scrambling to finish your holiday shopping? Try picking up a gift that makes an impact.

Have you left your holiday shopping until the last minute this year? Don’t worry, so have I. For many of us, ’tis the season for a panicked trip to the mall to find parking, fight crowds and pick up trinkets. …

Craig Kielburger

New York Times bestselling author, syndicated columnist and co-founder of WE Charity and ME to WE Social Enterprise | @WEmovement | we.org | craigkielburger.com

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