I can’t live without my cell phone. You like this one? It’s nice and small. Fits in my jacket pocket. Don’t want one of those holsters.

I remember when I got it my first one. My girlfriend ,now wife ,insisted that I get one. The damn things used to put me off. Years ago phones were so big. It was like carrying a shoe all day long.

I’m on the phone at the office 50% of my time that’s because I’m out finding investors and then in meetings. The rest of my calls are talking with my wife. Making sure she has dinner going or where to pick up the kids. She calls me from her cell phone.

It seems we never use the phone at home. She often uses it to talk to her parents or some girlfriend

The people I talk to the most are work related. You can imagine I’ve had enough talk by the time I get home.

My free time. I either watch TV or have sex. Lately, I haven’t had as much sex as I’d like. That’s why I’ve been eating more. Making sure we have a good meal. She’ll try out a new recipe. They are tasty meals.

I get to bed then what do I have a full belly and I’m aching for a blowjob.

Usually Saturday night is our night. I swear each of my children were conceived on Saturdays. I’m sure I could figure it out judging from gestation and fertility charts. I never imagined that I would have gotten to this state.

I have lots of money. Wife and kids.

I was almost rid of her, you know. During the last university year. This was our path. Where we were going. Majoring in economics. Our friends are all couples. We did everything together.

We had stag nights just the fellows. I picked up his dirty chick. I felt her up and I knew she would. We fucked. The chick started to pull the same strings that I was already used to. I totally bailed. They’re all the same. Women lead you in one way. I saw her at a bar some other dude grinding. I felt good to punch him and later to fuck her hard. Then we were exclusive.

The only women I had associated were intelligent, had strong opinions and obedient only when you fit a certain stereotype. The model provider. You gave that all in there. Acting in ways that negates beauty.

They figured they got you right in and well. When you perpetuate the lie.

Where we both say I love you. I’d say I love food. I think this way if only for the kids.

I got a woman’s number on my phone. An auditor from another partner company.

She gave me her cell phone number. I would phone her one time maybe. When I’ve had enough? Would I start again? Another lie.

Can I tell you something? This bloody thing is no success.

It’s another lie so now it’s provided me with money and our family. I have more money these days.

I can only try and remember the days when I was a bachelor. Those were few. I’ve been living with her since second year. Before we were married.

I lived in a dorm for my first two years. I used to jack off so much. I picked up girls all the time. Usually they crashed and I made pancakes. I smoked pot and listened to rock music. I went to clubs. I felt alive. I smoked a pack a day until she got me. I only admit that the bachelor life was unfulfilling only for her. Man I used to have a subscription to Rolling Stone. I hardly read unless it’s reports from work or the endless financial statements.

I needed her because something told me I had to be in this thing with her. Something also told all her friends who then told it to someone on the other end of a cell phone.

My old roommate Charles left his wife. They had no kids. He then opened a motorcycle detailing and custom shop. It’s making a mint. He has a new girlfriend she’s unlike his old wife as much is my wife is a copy of his ex-wife. She seems to be generally happy. I don’t know. My wife doesn’t like me talking to him.

Yeah, he’s in my cellphone. I have to run get a coffee. Do you have my card? Keep this between you and me, OK?

Look at my parents and what I am.

I am the same as them. It was just faster for me. Time is shorter than how they did it. Something is telling me this doesn’t have to be the way. I’d rather start a Music Shop selling used CDs and records. The pressure of success? Where does it stop? Where is it coming from or from who? It’s not my wife. She works too and she makes more than me. It’s not our parents. If you find out who, let me know, pal. Here’s my card. All my numbers are on there. My home phone number isn’t on there. OK, that’s it then.

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