Scots who deny their ancestors’ place in the slave trade: open your eyes.

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So there were these two Scottish guys, who decided to buy an island abroad. They wanted to make it feel more like home, so they build a golf course, and they had the caddies wearing tartan. Now this was just a small golf course: it only had two holes. But it was here, under the shade of orange trees, where they entertained the captains of passing ships.

The caddies were local men. They were black. Because the two Scotsmen who owned this island, Richard Oswald and Sir Alexander Grant, were slave traders.

The men they entertained were buying slaves.


Where will you decide to go?

It won’t be long now until the coronavirus lockdown is over. We will still have to socially distance, but we will be permitted to climb hills, which will be lovely. It has been the longest period (in the UK anyway) since foot & mouth disease that the hills have been closed to visitors, and it has been difficult to stick to the rules. …

How to *really* make money.

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I have a confession to make. I am a sucker for get rich quick gurus. Harv T Ecker, Grant Cardone, Napoleon Hill, the louder and more bombastic the better. These guys are going to show me the way to the promised land. Goodbye, shitty job! In five years time I’m going to be rolling in it!

Then one day, eager to learn more secrets of success, I listened to an audio by Brian Tracy, Million Dollar Habits. Would you like to know Tracy’s advice? It can be boiled down to these four steps:

  • Live modestly;
  • Pay off your debts;
  • Invest…

What can the rest of the world do?

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George Floyd. It’s not the first time, is it? Perhaps it’s about time the rest of the world took action. But what can we do?

I vaguely remember the boycotts of South African products that ran during the 1980s. Politically aware consumers refused to buy Outspan oranges. The really aware consumers would boycott Chinese-made goods because of the situation in Tibet.

Maybe it’s time for the world to boycott American goods.

But that’s easier said than done.

Think about what you are reading this on. There’s a good chance it is an Apple machine. Or a PC running Windows. American…

At the age of ten, I entered a national robot building competition.

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The competition was for seventeen-year-olds in their last year at school who were heading into science and tech courses at university. But our naivete got us through the regional heat and into the UK final as representatives of Scotland.

It was easily the most impressive thing I’ve done — I was still in Primary School. It has been downhill ever since.

On the final day Prince Michael of Kent arrived to hand out prizes. The press came too, and all the robots were lined up outside for a photo. …

How to run with consideration for others.

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It’s been a strange couple of weeks, and while I’ve been out on runs over that time I’ve experimented with different new behaviours. There’s also been some pushback against inconsiderate joggers on social media. So here’s my findings. Feel free to share them with any joggers you know. And to suggest improvements!

1. Keep 6ft apart.

This shouldn’t need said, but anyone swaggering down the middle of the pavement or path without regard to others needs to just get over themselves and show basic consideration. It’s not going to be forever.

2. Consider going out at quiet times.

I find that it is quieter at 6am than 6pm, so I like…

Think now about things you will need.

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My wife grew up in the countryside, where just popping out to the shops isn’t that convenient. As a result, she likes to have a modest inventory of items in the house. It’s useful in the event of being snowed in. We thought it might come in handy in the event of Brexit. It turns out it has also been useful in the event of people panic buying.

Take toilet rolls. We were fortunate that we took delivery of a large number of them just before the panic buying started. Or what about hand sanitiser? I have neutropenia, an immune…

You’re Not Alone

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Right now, I can’t give you a hug due to coronavirus. And as a tactile person, that hurts. So here’s something that I hope brings you as much comfort to you to listen to as it did to me to write it.

You’re Not Alone by Craig Weldon

When the world asks too much from you
When you don’t know what to do
Stop and see, is anybody touching you?
If you don’t have a place to go
Need a friend, noone wants to know
Stop and see, is anybody touching you?

Cos you’re not alone
When you’re in distress
The Lord…

Not everything is best rendered comfortable.

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Recently I was in a business meeting and noticed a strange thing.

“The current situation….”

“Recent health situations...”

“Because of global issues…”

What’s up with people? I wondered. Can nobody say ‘coronavirus’?

Had anybody else in the meeting noticed this? Once the first person talked of “recent events,” everybody else followed suit. It seemed a subconscious thing. Something sophisticated adults do. Talk in vague generalities, hinting at a meaning we are all subconsciously supposed to understand.

And that’s something I like to avoid.

George Orwell said it best in Politics and the English Language:

“Our language becomes ugly and inaccurate…

Craig Weldon

Former editor, ROV pilot, recording studio owner, consultant, temp and casual labourer. Currently writing my fourth book. Hello.

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