The annual UX industry predictions you didn’t know you needed.

No matter how much I cringe at end-of-year trend articles, and predictions for the coming year, I always click them. Last year, I wrote this article to take a new spin to looking ahead.

This year, we’re looking to 2019. Each entry asks you to vote for whether you think…

How UX is more of a religion than you’d like to admit.

[User Experience Design] may be defined as a cultural system of behaviors and practices, worldviews and books, places, prophecies, and personalities, ethics and organizations, that relates individual adherents to transcendental elements that make meaning of their place in a larger system.

Just kidding.

But, that wikipedia definition of religion describes…

The sacred pairing for a successful design career.

Craft and confidence make today’s designer.

People like you and me who inhabit this industry, from a mix of backgrounds, carrying with us fuel that feeds our fire, and baggage that weighs us down.

Imagine your magic mouse has a genie inside. And that it’ll grant you one of two…

Craig Phillips

ux/product designer, cohost of Opacity podcast, writer, creating a course to help outsiders break into UX at

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