Of course there are ethical issues with the example you’re giving.
Albert Rosenbrand

Hi Albert, thanks so much for the comments. Really appreciate the perspective. I think in a lot of ways our perspectives are the same, with some important differences.

Also, I write from a UX background. The points are more specifically speaking about ux/product/interaction design. Though all designers have ethical responsibility, the impact of a logo designer is different. Important and powerful, but different.

In reference to user responsibility—of course, everyone using digital products has to take care of themselves. But when product designers use human psychology to create addictive and harmful products, the playing field isn’t level.

And I agree, designers are not responsible for all the bad that companies they work for do. My point in writing this was that they are responsible for the things they design.

If we believe “it’s just design”, then sure, all this is moot. But if design wields power over people, then this is an important conversation to have.

Thanks again.

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