The Genetic Fallacy

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The genetic fallacy avoids an argument by shifting the focus onto something’s or someone’s origins. It’s similar to an ad hominem fallacy in the sense that it leverages existing negative perceptions to make someone’s argument look bad, without actually presenting a case for why the argument itself lacks merit.

(also known as: fallacy of origins; fallacy of virtue)

Description: Basing the truth claim of an argument on the origin of its claims or premises.

Logical form:

  • The origin of the claim is presented.
  • Therefore, the claim is true/false.

In one specific case, it comes down to arguments about the people. Bitcoin is technology. You know the other side of the argument is failing when it has moved to attacking a person rather than the argument itself. It is a common tactic in the world of social media. Proof of social media is not about truth but rather about a deception that can change and mutate over time. It is one of the aspects of Bitcoin that have been developed that allows for a system of truth. If you view my videos and presentations from 2014, you will see that I have the same outlook and concept of Bitcoin.

When evaluating an argument, it is better to go to the source and not to take modified versions of information. Biased media sources colour articles in a manner designed to prepare a response from the reader or listener. In part, it is why the post-modern “thinker” (which is generally a stretch) is one who follows them without thinking, askew science and the modern legal process.

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