Star Wars: The Last Jedi Forces Old Fans to Abandon Ship
Jack Delaney

I’d just note that if people hated Star Wars movies where women were strong and competent leaders, where the male characters kept making mistakes with terrible consequences, and where you’re never quite sure if one of the characters is double-dealing, then people would have hated the Empire Strikes Back:

Leia: Strong competent leader throughout

Han: His ship doesn’t work, and he leads everyone into a trap

Luke: Leaves his training to help his friends despite being told it will doom them and perhaps him too

Lando: good guy / bad guy / good guy

The primary reason that people hate TLJ is not because its overly “progressive” — if that were the bar, ESB would not be regarded as the best Star Wars movie.

They hate TLJ because its a poorly conceived, terribly written movie — a plethora of plot holes strung together thrown around an implausible plot, character humiliation, audience-trolling and lectures.