Your headline is so far off from being accurate, I can’t stop shaking my head.
micah s

What a fortunate individual you are!

Prince really is a great artist and you are lucky indeed to have experienced so much of his work.

Me too — I’ve heard all of these as well!

Alas, I fear we may be in something of a minority in this regard, since upwards of 13 thousand people have read the article — suggesting that there are quite a few folks out there who haven’t heard this music and want to learn a little more about it.

Indeed, I have to say that it was these folks who I had in mind when I wrote this article — so I like to think the headline is entirely appropriate for the vast majority.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of your specific circumstances when writing this — but please be sure that next time I write this article, I will bear you in mind.

Thanks for reading!