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Whew, I gotta say, as a Utah fan, I thought for a second you were going to actually dive in and do some statistical analysis or maybe talk about how Burks, Hood and Hill could have all been culprits.

Thought you might have brought up how Hood has an alpha dog mentality on a team where he’s the third best player on the team. So, he compensates by trying to get buckets during stretches where ball movement may be a better option.

I thought you might bring up Burks who has to come off the bench in lieu of Rodney Hood and will likely do anything in his power to change that fact — mostly by trying to score when he’s out there.

Of course, you brought up Hill — who is an obvious choice and answer to this. But maybe dive into how he thinks he’s going to be worth max money this off season and how that view he has could be detrimental to the Jazz offense, which at times has struggled to score points down the stretch

I thought you might bring up Dante Exum, who comes off the bench and has been seen taking a questionable shot or two. But who has also improved as the season has gone on and become maybe the most frustrating person on the Utah roster cause sometimes he plays so great and sometimes he plays so poorly.

I thought you might break down how Gobert could have been referring to Gordon Hayward who has taken a silent lead to the team, but at times has forced some shots that could be considered questionable. Even though all Jazz fans know it wasn’t him he was referring to when he said this.

I really thought this might be a deep dive into the Utah Jazz from a national writer on a big sports site like The Ringer. As a Jazz fan, it was such a relief to see you turn this into a noir piece that didn’t really talk about the Jazz at length.

Probably a good idea anyway. No one would want to read that.

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