Nope. Neo-liberalism is, “extensive economic liberalization policies such as privatization, fiscal…
Ginger Murray

She was also a big backer of both NAFTA and the TPP, and Citizen’s United was because it would harm her own political fortunes.

This is the core issue with this entire essay. You admit that Clinton had flaws, but can’t bring yourself to admitting what they are. That she was a candidate for wealth and privilege who had trouble connecting with people, and let Mook run a disastrous campaign isn’t really even in question anymore, but her core supporters (like yourself) are no more willing to admit that than the Bernie people were willing to admit he couldn’t win the primary after a certain point.

You’re sympathetic and empathetic towards your own political faction while bitterly despising those outside of it, then wondering why they would behave the same way. Even while most of America lies dying because the rest of the Dems are no better at connecting with people than she was.