LOL. Does the author even watch football?
Seth Mayfield

I wonder how much football you’ve watched. Kaepernick hasn’t been at his best the last 2+ seasons, that’s true. But even at his “mediocre-est” he’s better than a ton of guys signing elsewhere. In 2016, with nary an offensive weapon in sight, he managed 16 TDs against only 4 picks, with a robust 90.7 QB rating. Did he play winning football? No, but that’s in large part due to the horrible roster of the San Francisco 49ers. They were a dumpster fire riding the third car of a train wrecked on a bridge. Tom Brady couldn’t have gotten that team to .500 so it’s no wonder Kaepernick’s competence didn’t add up to more wins.

Nobody’s saying Kaepernick’s going to lead a bad team to the Super Bowl, but he’s certainly better than 90% of the backups out there. Heck, my Raiders just signed EJ Manuel and his 58.3 2016 QB rating, so there’s certainly room for Kaepernick in this league.

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