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“Johns Creek, which mirrors Cupertino in population size (80,000), distance to a large urban center (25 miles north of Atlanta)”

I’ve never been to Johns Creek, so I can’t speak to that, but I’ve been to Cupertino many times and I can tell you that it is much closer to urban center (San Jose — 10 miles away) than 25 miles.

You also talk about liberal whites fleeing areas of Asian immigration there in Georgia, but I’m not sure how liberal Georgia is. I was looking at election data, and it appears Georgia has voted Democrat only twice — both times when a Georgian (Jimmy Carter) was running. All other times (going back to 1964) the state voted Republican. The state also has a Republican Governor, two Republican Senators, and the 6th State Congressional District (where Johns Creek resides) is represented by a Republican. So is this really a case of white liberals fleeing? It seems to be more a case of white conservatives fleeing. Amarite?

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