“Lightsynth” — A Camera Beyond the Perfect Exposure

You know that moment when you see the perfect scene and you want to take a photo with your iPhone to capture it for all eternity, but the lighting isn’t great and there is no way to get it any better without a complicated lighting setup… well, now you can… with Lightsynth – https://adr.camera/

I recently found this excellent app when it got featured on ProductHunt –https://www.producthunt.com/posts/lightsynth and gave it a try.

What you have to bear in mind is that Lightsynth isn’t an effects app, it uses “Adaptive Dynamic Range” which lets you deal with all kinds of exposure troubles under various tricky lighting situations such as daylight skies, backlit, or low-light.

My most recent example is shown below:-

Left — iOS Camera HDR, Right — Lightsynth,

These photos were taken within seconds of each other, no manual adjustments were made in either app. The iOS camera app had HDR enabled and Lightsynth had Adaptive Dynamic Range enabled.

There aren’t a whole host of settings available within Lightsynth, but there are a few which can help compensate for different lighting situations, but as you can see, the default settings can produce some impressive results. The options are Shadow-Weighted Metering, Highlight-Weighted Metering and Balanced Metering, which are all pretty self explanatory.

Grab yourself a copy today and have a play… you’ll be impressed with the results.

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