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Continuing my series on how to leverage the various Machine Learning and AI services from Amazon, Azure and Google, previously we used Amazon’s Rekognition and Python to perform image recognition with KNIME.

This time we’ll use Azure’s Cognitive Services with KNIME, leveraging their REST API. It’s incredibly easy to combine KNIME with these services in just a few nodes.

Rather than having to custom code solutions, I can, in just a few minutes build a workflow or integrate into my existing workflows a comprehensive sentiment analysis service. More impressive, not a single line of code will be written.

Combining Twitter data and Azure Cognitive Services for Sentiment Analysis

We’ll be leveraging KNIME’s built in Twitter functionality, along with Microsoft Azure’s Cognitive Services. …


Craig Cullum

Product Strategy and Analytics. I’m probably doing a tutorial on the latest Azure cloud app. Any Q’s send me a tweet 🐥.

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