• Andrew Canion

    Andrew Canion

  • Viktor Komaromi

    Viktor Komaromi

    It's hard to balance life in the IT Industry, a family and a passion for games yet somehow I manage to do that AND post on Twitter all the time. SKILLZ!

  • TobiasArnaudBILQUEZ


    Director and Founder at AI Travel BOT / La Conciergerie 24/7. Father, Serial Entrepreneur & Investor. Digital Thinker.

  • Julia Branham

    Julia Branham

  • Matthew Bowker

    Matthew Bowker

    Delivery Manager at Forest Grove in Perth, WA. Focusing on exciting software and projects. www.linkedin.com/in/matthewbowkerWA

  • Markus Lauber

    Markus Lauber

  • Bennett Green

    Bennett Green

  • Jonathan Fields

    Jonathan Fields

    Dad, husband, maker, founder of Good Life Project. Fueled by possibility and dark chocolate. http://goodlifeproject.com

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