The Laws on Illinois Concealed Carry Classes

In Illinois, there are stringent regulations on concealed carry weapons. Just as in most other states, it is now allowed to carry a handgun if it is concealed, but it is very important that you make sure you follow the guidelines and rules to do so. If you have a permit in the state, this means that you are allowed to use a concealed carry on your person or in a vehicle. Concealed means that it is hidden from public view. As you can see from the rules below, it may be beneficial to enroll in Illinois concealed carry classes to gain greater understanding.

Who Cannot Get a Permit for Concealed Carry?

The regulations for concealed carry in Illinois are very strict and it is often easier to find out if you meet any of the criteria that would immediately stop you from being allowed to carry one. The following list shows who would not be eligible to obtain a permit:

  • Anyone who is less than 21 years old
  • Anyone who does not hold an F.O.I.D. card
  • Anyone who has a violent misdemeanor or court disposition against them that is less than five years old
  • Anyone who has ever had a domestic battery disposition
  • Anyone with a felony conviction
  • Anyone who has had at least two D.U.I. convictions in the past five years
  • Anyone who has a pending court case that could cause them to be disqualified
  • Anyone who has been prohibited by a court from possessing firearms
  • Anyone who has been court ordered to drug or alcohol treatment in the past five years
  • Anyone who has been convicted for cannabis possession in the past year
  • Anyone who is believed to pose a risk to public safety
  • Anyone who has been arrested more than five times overall, or more than three times in relation to gang crimes, in the past seven years

Additionally, there are a number of places where you may not carry a concealed case. They are not permitted in any educational establishment, any government building (including courts and prisons), any public transportation, and public athletic facilities or controlled parks, any playgrounds or gambling facilities, any festivals that have to have a permit to operate, any sporting events, nuclear facilities, hospitals, facilities that gain more than half of their income from alcohol sales. Additionally, property owners can state that they do not allow concealed weapons on their property. Finally, if the permit holder is under the influence of alcohol, they are not allowed to carry their weapon either.

Illinois Concealed Carry Classes

As you can see, although it is possible to have a licensed to carry a concealed weapon in Illinois, the rules are quite complex and complicated and there are many more to contend with. This is why it is recommended to take part in Illinois concealed carry classes if you intend to carry a concealed weapon. This way, you will always be sure that you follow the rules and will continue to be able to carry your weapon if you so choose.

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