Bumble Box — Family fun in a box

Sometimes you come across an idea that makes you wish you were the one that had it. This idea is a box full of family fun from Kimberly Mears, a South East London mum who has two energetic boys to entertain.

“We make parents heroes”

It’s too big for the letter box so required a quick trip to the sorting office

It was the honesty and authenticity of the copy on Kimberly’s website that made me buy a box. It’s a simple concept but perfectly executed. Good old family fun for the whole family with a few well thought and well presented ideas.

Bumble Box delivers everything families need for simple, low-tech fun and memory making.

You an either buy one box for £18.99 or take out a monthly subscription at £16.99 per month. Each month the box centres around one idea. The March box is ‘Up in the air’ and includes bird spotting, paper airplanes and the necessary equipment for balloon tennis!

Edie is 2 years and 3 months. She loved the balloon tennis as the photos show and stickers with birds on were always going to be a hit. The paper airplanes may be a little old for her but I think I’m going to enjoy that particular task!

Entertainment for 3 generations of Freeman women

The Bumble Box provided entertainment for three generations of Freeman women on Mothers Day which was lovely to watch. We are yet to tackle the paper airplanes, still need to go bird spotting and have balloons left over so hopefully there is still plenty of entertainment left in the box.

If you give Bumble Box a go, let me know how you get on.