Do you think lovely things but fail to act on them?

If you’re anything like me then you regularly think lovely things about your other half, but often forget to say them out loud or do anything to communicate them. If this sounds familiar then I have a solution for you.

Bloom and Wild is a flower delivery service that has disrupted the way you can have flowers delivered. Their ingenious packaging methods mean that most of their bouquets will fit straight through the letterbox! But it’s more than that. The way you order, the bouquets they have, the email reminders and suggestions they send you when it’s soon to be a family member’s birthday…it all has customer experience at its core.

I’m (just) old enough to remember looking up a local florist in the yellow pages, ringing them up, discussing what I wanted, setting a budget and putting a cheque in the post! I never got to see what I was ordering and this process could take a week before they were delivered.

Luckily things have moved on and Bloom & Wild have developed a process that feels modern, social and enjoyable. Their photography is lovely. They constantly bring out new, seasonal varieties and have a wide variety of gifts that you can add to your order.

One of the lovely bouquets. You’d never know they had been through the letterbox!

In their words:

“Bloom & Wild is redefining the flower delivery experience, making the giving and receiving of beautiful fresh flowers the joy it is meant to be.”

I have sent flowers to my wife a number of times. Every time the flowers have been lovely and lasted brilliantly and we have since sent them to a number of friends and family for a whole host of different reasons.

Last time I ordered some our toddler was old enough to help with the unpacking and arranging. This provided a whole 15 minutes of entertainment which was an added bonus!

So next time your toddler has a meltdown and you think to yourself that your partner had the patience of a saint, don’t just think it. Get the app out and order some flowers!

Bloom and Wild – Flower delivery

Oh and yes, writing this post prompted me to place an order!