Health and Nutrition Advice in Stuart, Florida

I wish I had more time to work toward some health and fitness goals. But, I can’t seem to stick to a consistent routine which includes exercise. After work around 6:00–6:30pm, I’m stuck in a routine of snacking on nuts and other high caloric nibbles until dinner around 8:00’ish. Rather than throw on some gym shorts and running shoes, I pour myself a glass of red wine, convincing my conscience that I’m doing my heart some good. My go-to everyday red is a blend called Apothic Red.

Make a plan.

When I’m really serious about turning around my fitness routine, I begin with a plan. Of course, it usually coincides with New Year’s or Lent, but that’s okay. It’s motivation. A few times in my forties, I got motivated by a doctor visit which scared me into wanting lower blood sugar or normal blood pressure. No matter the reason, I do best to start with a plan. First, set some goals like lose 10 pounds, run a 5k or do 30 pushups. When I’m motivated by an upcoming doctor visit, my plan includes a goal of fasting glucose below 100 mg/dl or and LDL below 100.

My plan goes nowhere without the exercise, so I usually start with a jogging routine 3–4 days a week. I’ve used the app, 10k Runner, on my iPhone and that works pretty well, although I don’t like the annoying phrases of encouragement that are cheering me along. At the actual gym, I usually do free weights for my upper body, like bicep curls, shoulder press, triceps — 2 sets of each. Between sets, I do abs on the incline bench or the plank position on the floor. After a good abs workout, I’m sore for two days, but at least then I can hold in my gut without an effort.

Results take time

It takes me about two weeks to lose five pounds and keep it off for a while. I haven’t lost ten pounds in a year or two, but it may be time to commit to that. My clothes aren’t comfortable when I’m carrying extra weight and I don’t feel the same energy level.

Metabolism matters

When my body is running at a good metabolic rate, I can decrease my coffee and diet Coke intake and not feel sluggish. This always feels great. If I fuel myself with protein and veggies, and cut out the convenience snacking and sweets, I’ll be back on track pretty soon.