Hiking Trails near Stuart, Florida

The coastal Florida town of Stuart is located on the state’s eastern seaboard, south of Port St. Lucie. Here, popular activities include spending time at the beach, fishing, and hiking in the local parks and preserves that are close by. Most hiking trails Stuart has to offer are within a short drive of the quaint downtown.

Seabranch Preserve State Park

Head to Seabranch Preserve State Park, a Florida preserve located south of Stuart, but still within the local area, to get into some of the popular hiking trails Stuart has to offer. Here at this well-preserved recreational area, you’ll find flatwoods, a mangrove swamp, and be able to enjoy an immersive Florida nature experience on over four miles of hiking trails. You can also bring your bicycle here, but be on the lookout for wildlife and fellow visitors!

Savannas Preserve State Park

North of the Roosevelt bridge, you’ll find another popular group of hiking trails in Stuart, Florida. Savannas Preserve State Park is a relaxing place for day hikers to go and explore the wetlands. Birdwatching here is terrific, with osprey, sandhill cranes and occasionally bald eagles in the area. While you can take advantage of the hiking loops, note that there are also canoeing and kayaking in the marshes. It’s a true representation of the old, undeveloped Florida savannas. Be sure to bring your camera for a visit to this preserve. There is a good chance you’ll see gopher turtles, otters, raccoons, and a snake or two.

Rock Point Hammock

Head into the wooded 22-acre preserve at Rocky Point Hammock and get away from the bustle of your work life while you hike the mile-long trail. You’ll be rewarded with views of dense oak hammocks and woodland birds, as well as a mix of terrain such as swampy grass, sugar sand dunes, and palmetto scrub habitats.

Kiplinger Nature Preserve

East of Stuart on Sewall’s Point, make your way to Kiplinger Nature Preserve to hike or jog along well-groomed grounds. Once you enter the preserve, you’ll take in over 150 acres of diverse “old Florida” landscape, including native trees, palms, and grasses. Ease your way past swamps and marshes and you’ll encounter pine trees which attract red-bellied woodpeckers, and the rare pileated woodpecker. Along the white and red mangroves which shadow the water’s edge, you’ll see schools of mullet and other fingerling fish which provide a solid base for the food chain. If you are lucky, you’ll see river otter or the occasional leather gator sunning itself. The preserve is stroller and wheelchair accessible, making it a family-friendly destination.