Holistic Financial Planning

We can all recall a time in our lives when we felt confident, even completely sure, that we were going to reach our future goals. Maybe when you finished college, landed your first good job, or met a financial goal that you worked hard to achieve. That confidence helps us in our personal lives to do the things that are most meaningful to us. When we are financially stable, we have the means to pursue non-material goals such as building a family, pursuing a spiritual path, or following our dreams to do what we once only imagined.

However, each of us can also remember a time when our finances, and therefore our entire lives, seemed to fall apart. Maybe you finally reached a personal savings goal, only to be hit with an unexpected financial burden and have to spend every last bit of it. Or you lost a job or other financial support, and suddenly had to budget every penny just to make ends meet. Our financial situation can impact our ability to pursue family, career, health and even spiritual objectives. It’s nearly impossible to dream about having a baby, or taking time off work to explore the world, when you have little savings, surmounting debts or very little job security to keep you afloat. Money isn’t simply a material desire — it’s the tool we use to gain freedom for the things we truly want in life.

In order to live the life you want to lead, you need to plan your finances, now and in the future. This is what it means to talk about holistic financial planning. Holistic financial planning takes into account your lifestyle, family plans, and even spiritual endeavors, to build a financial foundation that makes those dreams possible. Unlike traditional financial planning, which typically focuses on maximizing gains, holistic planning recognizes that not all wealth has a dollar sign in front of it.

Holistic financial planning can take many forms, from preparing financially for children to investing in the future so you can retire early. It helps you plan for life events such as marriage, homeownership, and travel. If you want to take time off work to pursue a non-career related path, then you need to think realistically about how you and your family can live off your savings and investments. These things are not impossible, they just take time and patience and sticking with your financial plan.

Talk to a financial advisor who understands the holistic approach to wealth management. You may be surprised how much impact a holistic approach to financial planning can have on your future. Price Wealth management looks at our client’s financial situation with a holistic approach, and helps them plan for life events throughout their time with us. You can contact us, or visit our website, www.pricewm.com, for more information.