Denver Band to Know: Trout Steak Revival

Note: Dirt Road Travels is a series of digital city guides focused on photos and stories. This is from our guide for Denver, CO.

Chad and Steve from Trout Steak Revival. Photo by Nate Luebbe

“We all started out as friends and became a band together. We played our first shows for free beer. It was fun, but we weren’t any good. We were just learning our instruments together. We gave ourselves a lot of room to make mistakes. Playing music on the weekends was a big source of joy for everyone. And now, I get to travel the country with my best friends. Choosing to do something that you really love — that’s sustaining beyond money or immediate success — is big. I still feel excited about this, and am in love with it. I want the people who come to our shows to feel that too.” — Travis McNamara, Banjo

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Denver Must: The Buck Snort Saloon is an old gutted cabin with music and food in Sphinx Park. It’s one of my favorite places in all of Colorado.