Words from Governor John Hickenlooper — Denver’s Local to Know

Note: Dirt Road Travels is a series of digital city guides focused on photos and stories. This is from our guide for Denver, CO.

Photo by Nate Luebbe

“We took a canoe trip for 22 days in the wilds of Quebec when I was younger. We had 12 days of continuous rain. You’re wet. You’re miserable. You’ve gone through all this stuff. That built and created in each of us a whole different type of relating to each other. We became a team. We became fire hardened through the adversity, and when the good times came, they seemed so much better because they were with these people with whom you attained so much. I had a real challenge as a kid. My dad died when I was young, and I had issues around self-esteem and confidence. I’d lose my temper, stuff like that. I wasn’t proud of myself. And I think the outdoors have this transformative capacity to allow us to expand into our potential. There’s a real intensity of going out into that incredible wilderness and diving into who you really are.” — Governor John Hickenlooper

Denver Must: “I love to take people down to the shops and restaurants at Union Station. When I signed the lease in that area for the Wynkoop Brewing Company, it was all just abandoned brick, rubble and broken glass as far as the eye could see. Now look at it!”