Worth the Trip from Denver: Beers at Cannonball Creek Brewing in Golden, CO

Note: Dirt Road Travels is a series of digital city guides focused on photos and stories. This is from our guide for Denver, CO.

Brian Hutchison. Photo by Nate Luebbe

“It took us forever to make this happen. You can get in patterns in life when you’re somewhat comfortable, and that keeps you from doing things you know you want to do. But we got our ass in gear. The GABF gold medals mean the world to us. But we’re still mastering all this. I’m not a hyper-growth kind of person. The business is doing well, and we’re happy. We have people that harass us about not expanding all the time. But it’s not really that crazy. I live 4 miles from my work, and I love what I’m doing. We’re just trying to make a decent living, doing what we love.”

Brian’s Cannonball Creek Must: Our Pale Ale. That beer went through 20 iterations, and it’ll go through more because now it’s pissing me off again!

Brian’s Denver Must: Have a Super Power at Comrade Brewing. It’s one of the best IPAs in the world.